Letter to Members (2020)

Dear IAACS Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to announce, on behalf of the Nomination Committee, that the slate of nominated members for the incoming Executive, the Standing Committees, and our member countries’ Representatives have been elected by a wide majority of the membership. I would like to congratulate all of these newly elected members! Please find a list of all their names on our Webpage (https://www.iaacs.ca/committee/).

I also wish to take this moment to thank you all for your sustained support as well as expressions of confidence in the group of colleagues who, along with me, have presided as your Executive during the past two terms of office. Other members of this retiring Executive include: Leslie Le Grange, Michael Uljens, Nicholas Ng-A-Fook and Poonam Batra. My work as IAACS President has been consistently bolstered by these Executive members, and I am grateful for their steadfast assistance and encouragement. 

As your Executive for these past six years, we are quite pleased to report that we were able to enhance aspects of three of our most important spaces of conversation: 1) our triennial conferences; 2) our IAACS Webpage; 3) and our Journal (TCI). We also forged ways to work more closely with the National Associations; for example, we worked together to integrate databases as well as to gather together regularly for sustained discussions about pressing issues during our International as well as various National Conferences. Further, the Executive forged opportunities for working collaboratively across countries and geographies. We did so, in particular, in order to support varied groups of IAACS members who wished to gather together to conceptualize as well as enact a number of different scholarly projects, including collective books and co-joint research activities, for example. 

I also offer sincere thanks to all the members of our various Standing Committees and our member countries’ Representatives. Additionally, and on behalf of our whole Association, I extend many thanks for their outstanding work to Alice Lopes, TCI Editor; and to Nicholas Ng-A-Fook and Bill Green for their organizing and coordinating of the amazing groups that facilitated, respectively, the 2015 and 2018 Triennial Conferences.

As I conclude my service as your IAACS President, I offer warm congratulations to the new Executive, which will be ably guided by incoming President, Leslie Le Grange of South Africa. I know that Leslie, a wonderful colleague who, as noted, served as IAACS Vice President during the two terms of my Presidency, will offer his notable leadership abilities to the membership. I offer thanks as well to José Augusto Pacheco (Portugal), Yuzhen Xu (China), and to Daniel Johnson Mardones (Chile) for accepting the task of guiding IAACS during the forthcoming term of office. I am sure that the new Executive, as mine did, will be able to depend upon all Affiliates to help them with all aspects of IAACS’s declared mission and supporting activities.

On behalf of the members of the retiring Executive, I offer many thanks to you all for your continuing support of IAACS’s projects, visions and commitments to continuing the advancement of the worldwide curriculum studies field.

All best wishes,

Elizabeth Macedo
International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies