American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies

The American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies (AAACS) is the American affiliate of IAACS. This Association is established to support a “worldwide” – but not “uniform” – field of curriculum studies. Our hope, in establishing this organization, is to provide organizational support for a rigorous and scholarly conversation within and across national and regional borders regarding the content, context, and process of education, the organizational and intellectual center of which is the curriculum.

Australian Curriculum Studies Association

The Australian Curriculum Studies Association Incorporated (ACSA) was established in 1983 as a broadly based educational association supporting the professional interests of educators in curriculum work from all levels and sectors within and beyond Australia. ACSA works to support educators so that all students have access to a meaningful, relevant and engaging curriculum. ACSA provides national advocacy and leadership in curriculum. It is committed to curriculum reform informed by the principles of social justice and equity and respect for the democratic rights of all.

Brazilian Association of Curriculum Studies (Associação Brasileira de Currículo)

A Associação Brasileira de Currículo de aqui em diante denominada ABdC é uma associação civil sem fins lucrativos e econômicos, caracterizando-se como pessoa jurídica de direito privado, criada em 08/06/2011, em Assembléia de fundação, na cidade do Rio de Janeiro, congregando os profissionais, pesquisadores, estudantes que realizam atividades de pesquisa e/ou docência e extensão no campo do Currículo. Facebook: Associação Brasileira de Currículo

Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies

The Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies (CACS) is a constituent association of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE). CACS supports inquiries into and discussions of curricula that are of interest to Canadian educators. In context of CACS, the term “curriculum” is defined broadly as any complex structure, or set of structures, that supports learning and teaching.

Caribbean Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies

Caribbean Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies (CAACS) is an association of scholars, educators, philosophers, curriculum workers and graduate students that provides a forum for scholarly presentations and conferences, discussions, promotions and publications of Caribbean Curriculum works. These will include Caribbean epistemologies, cultural-contextual understandings of curriculum and curriculum products within the global context of the internationalization of Curriculum Studies. The mission is to bring together and disseminate the intellectual wealth of Curriculum Studies workers, educators and philosophers of the Caribbean through the agencies of universities, colleges and interested organizations throughout the Caribbean region and the diaspora. For enquiries, please contact CAACS at

European Association of Curriculum Studies

The European Association of Curriculum Studies (EuroACS) is a research network on curriculum studies, not restricted to European scholars, but concerned directly with the state of the field of curriculum studies in Europe. The association aims to contribute to the development of collaborative research efforts among scholars interested on Curriculum Studies and to promote curriculum research in Europe.