[Call for Proposals] The 14th AAACS Annual Meeting

The 14th Annual Meeting: Alterglobal Dispossession and the Politics of Recognition in Curriculum Studies by the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies will be hosted from April 16-18, 2015.


Dispossession describes the condition of those who have lost land, citizenship, property, and a broader belonging in the world. Recognition refers to the visible status of a human being participating in a collection of communities. How can we work with, within, and in parallel to crowds of recognition, to protest dispossession through performative, transnational projects? How can we use commitment to alterglobal action in supporting complicated conversations that are recognized and that recognize? How can we nurture maker-communities of conviviality, designing, and committed aesthetics? How might this theme be interrogated by our task forces, on internationalization, practice and policy, and ethics? For concept note, please click here.

We open the program to everyone’s curriculum studies conversations, and, while we always welcome any ongoing scholarship in our field to join us, in Chicago, we particularly encourage presenters to question how their work engages with work that weakens dispossession and strengthens recognition.

As described in this year’s call, you are encouraged to contribute to AAACS 2015 in any way that creates meaningful curriculum study through any of the great variety of passions and perspectives that have informed your work to date. Any proposal is welcomed and encouraged. AAACS is also accepting of alternative presentation formats including installations, arts based inquiry, alternative social science representation, and other ways of presenting curriculum studies research.

All submission must be made through the AAACS Proposal Submission Site on Google forms. Please follow the form provided in the submission site. Follow the link: http://goo.gl/forms/d0eS0K4LDv.

Your proposal automatically registers you as a member of AAACS—there are no dues. With membership in AAACS (http://aaacs.org) comes membership in the International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies (http://www.iaacs.org).


Important Dates:

December 7, 2014 Priority Deadline
January 4, 2015 Cut-off Submission
April 16-18, 2015 Annual Meeting Dates


For More Information:

Full details about the annual meeting can be found in the Call for Proposal PDF and the AAACS Website (http://aaacs.org).