EERA & EuroACS Summer School

EERA’s NW3 Curriculum Innovation and EuroACS Summer School will be held in Maynooth University, Ireland on June 10-11, 2019.


Join this EERA-supported summer school following the EuroACS 2019 conference in Maynooth University. Full details available at

EERA’s Network 3 Curriculum Innovation with the support of EERA will run a summer school for post-graduate students and early career researchers in curriculum studies. The programme will feature dialogical workshops from both European and North American traditions of curriculum scholarship, covering curriculum origins, trajectories and practice, and approaches to researching curriculum. The summer school will provide an excellent platform for a deeper dive into the subject and to find colleague researchers in the curriculum domain. Some of the proposed workshop themes are:

– Curriculum development at levels
– Curriculum and Policy
– Dialogue, Argumentation and Dialogic Teaching
– The Politics of Knowledge
– Curriculum and transnational policy discourses
– Curriculum and knowledge
– “What exactly is the point of theory?” Some reflections on how social theory can help us understand educational contexts.

There is a targeted bursary (supported by European Educational Research Association EERA) for up to 20 European students to attend the summer school. This will be targeted in the first instance at applicants from low GDP countries. There will be a number of national and international scholars contributing to the summer school including:

Dr Lovisa Bergdahl, Södertörn University, Sweden.
Dr Majella Dempsey, Maynooth University, Ireland.
Dr Anthony Malone, Maynooth University, Ireland.
Dr Nienke Nieveen, SLO, Netherlands.
Dr Joe Olyer, Maynooth University, Ireland.
Dr Stavroula Philippou, University of Cyprus.
Professor Mark Priestley, University of Stirling, Scotland.
Professor Elizabeth Rata, University of Auckland, New Zealand.
Professor Susan Robertson, University of Bristol, UK.
Professor Carl Anders Säfström , Maynooth University, Ireland.
Professor Jan van den Akker, Netherlands.
Professor Ninni Wahlström, Linnaeus University, Sweden.


Local Organiser:

Dr Majella Dempsey, Maynooth University

For More Details and Application:

Visit EuroACS:


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