University of Ottawa Teacher Candidates on Algonquin Exchange

Since 2010, teacher candidates from the Developing a Global Perspective for Educators (DGPE) cohort in the Teacher Education program have had the unique opportunity to work with students from an Algonquin First Nations community.

The Kitigan Zibi Kikinamadinan school in Maniwaki, Quebec, was founded to meet the community’s need to educate its youth in a way that honoured Kitigan Zibi’s rich Algonquin culture and heritage. Staffed and administrated by the local First Nations community, the school incorporates many cultural aspects into its curriculum, including an early Algonquin language immersion program.

Teacher candidates in the 2014-2015 DGPE cohort first visited Kitigan Zibi Kikinamadinan school in October 2014 and then hosted students from the school on the university campus at the Faculty of Education in December 2014. Click here to follow the full story