[Call for Contributions] Curriculum Matters Journal



Curriculum Matters (an annual peer-reviewed journal published by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research) seeks contributions from international authors on topics and curriculum issues that are relevant to both New Zealand and international audiences.

The Editor (Dr Jane Abbiss) is happy to receive manuscripts that may not have direct links with the NZ curriculum context but which explore curriculum-related issues and questions that are of broad international relevance and interest. She is also interested in receiving shorter (2000-4000 word) ‘think pieces’ or commentary-type articles that pose questions for research, suggest areas that might warrant deeper exploration, or which find the global in the local (glocal). She is also happy to receive manuscripts at any time (the due date for manuscripts of 31 March is not a strict cut-off). Inquiries to: Jane Abbiss ()



The editor of Curriculum Matters invites interested people to submit articles (essays, literature reviews, research reports, scholarship and critical comments) in the field of curriculum. the main audience groups for these articles are teachers, teacher educators, graduate students of education and curriculum theorists.



Articles should be sent for consideration electronically to the editor, Dr Jane Abbiss (). Authors must retain a copy for their own reference. There is one volume of Curriculum Matters per year. The deadline for submissions is 31 March.

Each article should be no more than 6,000 words in length (including references), with a brief title. A short abstract of about 100 words must be provided. A references list is included at the end of the manuscript. Authors should consult articles in this journal on general matters of style, such as conventions with headings, subheadings, paragraph breaks and use of diagrams. Manuscripts need to be submitted as Word documents (.doc or .docx files). Text should be 1.5 or 2.0 spaced.

Click here to view full manuscript guidelines and information on developing perspective or commentary-type articles.

Please forward all questions and submissions to Dr Jane Abbiss ()