[Call For Proposals] 2016 AAACS Annual Conference

The American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies Annual Conference will be held from April 5-8, 2016.


Recent conference themes of the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies have focused on “Counter-western curriculum theory,” “Communities of Dissensus/Engaged Generosity,” and “Alter-global Dispossession and the Politics of Recognition.” As we look back on the conversations engendered by these concerns and forward to the future of our field, we can take pride in the internationalization that we have initiated, and the emphasis on ethics encouraged by our interest in dissensus, generosity, dispossession, and recognition. Despite these advancements, the marginalization and downsizing of curriculum studies continues within historical conditions that suggest on-going international crises and related paralyses.

How are we confronting and working through cataclysmic climate change, global refugee crises, epistemic violence of racism and other forms of oppression? When we look back on curriculum history before “The Reconceptualization,” specifically to the period of “Curriculum and Objectives,” we find a field defined by its fantasies of social control and curriculum management; after the reconceptualization we find a utopian yet sidelined field enshrining scholars’ ever newer “perspectives” and their (albeit limited) “proliferations” in a waning next moment. At this juncture, we ask: How might an emphasis on curriculum history – an historical reaching backward to move forward – frame our praxis as curriculum scholars to rekindle our commitments to colleges of education, preservice and professional teachers, and students – children and adults – seeking knowledge and understanding in schools, museums, NGOs, and other educational venues?

How do we read our history, particularly in ethical terms? How do we understand our history as informing our present and near future projects from within a strong, historically-informed, ethical sensibility? History often tells us much about how we are constructed, our fantasies of ourselves, and our desired futures. This year, we welcome as always proposals on any current scholarship, and embrace provocative and surprising conference formats; and let us together confront why we sometimes avoid our shortcomings as a field, and work together to heal ourselves and our communities even as we try to heal the earth – and hear, too, the summons of our predecessors to continue intellectual work in education.


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Important Dates:

December 13, 2015 Priority Deadline
January 10, 2016 Cut-off Submission
April 5-8, 2016 Annual Meeting Dates


For More Information:

Full details about the annual conference can be found in the Call for Proposal PDF and the AAACS Conference Website (http://www.aaacs-conference.org).