[Register Now] II European Conference on Curriculum Studies (ECCS 2015)

The II European Conference on Curriculum Studies (ECCS 2015) will take place at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto, Portugal on October 16-17, 2015.


The conference will explore three axes and their articulation, as they define research in the curriculum field. Trends that shape current European curriculum studies emerge from economic crisis as much as they emerge from a re-stating movement concerning education improvement. Curriculum academics must analyse in a broad scope the new entanglements to policies, perspectives and practices on the curriculum field. The II ECCS is the arena for this challenge. English is the official language of the Conference.

1. Curriculum and policies
2. Curriculum and accountability
3. Curriculum challenges in Higher Education
4. Curriculum practices and discourses
5. Curriculum: theoretical and methodological perspectives
6. Curriculum in between the social and the personal
7. Curriculum, internationalisation and cosmopolitanism
8. Curriculum and technologies
9. Curriculum and teacher education
– Stefan Hopmann, University of Viena, Austria
– Beth Macedo, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
– Jani Ursin, Finnish Institute for Educational Research, Finland
– Louise Hayward, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
– William Pinar, University of British Columbia, Canada
– Zhang Hua, Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou, China
– Janet Miller, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, USA
– Maria do Céu Roldão, Center of Studies in Human Development / Portuguese Catholic University, Portugal
– Mark Priestley, University of Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom

Important Dates:

September 30, 2015 Submission of final papers
October 1, 2015 Final programme announcement
October 15, 2015 Registration deadline


For More Information:

Conference Website: http://www.fpce.up.pt/eccs2015 (Conference poster, brochure)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/958643220870053