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Letter to Members (05/2015)

May 31, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

During the past week, many of us met at the University of Ottawa for our 5th Triennial Meeting. As has been happening in all these Triennial gatherings, the discussions opened up multiple possibilities to rethink our own work in relation to others. These conversations allow us to imagine our field differently.

First, I would like to thank all who worked so diligently and creatively to put the conference together. We all know numerous people contributed to the planning and facilitating of this international Conference. Not being able to nominate all here, I thank all in the name of the 2015 Conference Chairs, Nicholas Ng‐A-­Fook and Awad Ibrahim from University of Ottawa.

Second, I would like share with you all some discussions about our Association that happened in the IAACS Assembly, as well as in a meeting on Thursday, May 28 among national affiliated Association Presidents and those affiliates’ journal Editors. If I could summarize both meetings in a sentence, I would say that we have been struggling to find ways to cooperate [sometimes with a sense of having done less than we should or could] and are still committed to that task. Thus, on behalf of the IAACS, I would like to thank those involved in these IAACS Executive and Affiliates meetings, both for what we have been doing as well as for the willingness to keep working together to expand and deepen our commitments and actions toward internationalization of curriculum studies.

For the next years, then, we especially are committed to improve the links among affiliated Associations and journals. Some ideas that have come from those meetings were:

I. to improve the relationship among the national affiliated associations and IAACS

I.1. to schedule an executive meeting of IAACS in National Associations Meetings;

I.2. to propose a session in National Associations Meetings in behalf of IAACS; and

I.3. to have a session in IAACS Meetings with one presentation from each National Associations

I.4. to articulate the database from all the Associations, as the affiliated of the National ones are also members of the International

I.5. to link the websites and the journals, focusing specifically on the circulation of announcements;

II. to improve the insertion of IAACS into national fields, especially in the cases where we have no national association

II.1. to work close with the national representatives in a sense that they foster ways of making IAACS present in national educational meetings and journals [ie, proposing panels, discussions]

III. to foster the work of our journal, Transnational Curriculum Inquiry

III.1. to incorporate different colleagues in the management of Transnational Curriculum Inquiry as number editors, in order to work more pro-­‐actively in the searching for articles; and

III.2. to involve national representatives in the searching for article propositions

IV. to work in national levels in order to grow the association, through the action of national representatives as well as through the all members

V. to amplify the communication among researchers through the homepage: in addition to the research page that is already under construction, the webmaster will work in an extra page to divulge researchers’ names, areas of interest, emails and homepages

Finally, I would like to inform that, last year, we posted a call for proposals to host the next Triennial Conference in Asia and Australia,in 2018; we are attempting to follow the rotation already established by our five Triennial conferences thus far. However, as of this writing, the Executive has received no proposals. The General Assembly discussed the matter and decided to extend the deadline for proposals until the 30th of December, 2015. After that date, the Assembly requested that the Executive move ahead in order to issue a call for proposals from universities out of Asia and Australia. And in fact, by the conclusion of our Ottawa meeting, Morocco had informed the Executive that they would be willing to host the 2018 IAACS Triennial Conference in case this forthcoming and re-­‐issued call results in no proposals from Asia and Australia.

If you have any other thoughts to help us, feel free to email the Executive (iaacsexecutive@gmail.com), your country representatives or any member of the specific committee to which your comments are addressed.

I thank the members of my Executive (Leslie Le Grange, Nicholas Ng-­A-­Fook and Poonam Batra) as well as you, the Membership of IAACS, for continuing to support and participate in the activities and mission of our international organization. I look forward to our continuing conversations and connections, worldwide.

Best wishes,


Beth Elizabeth Macedo

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